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RUNNER UP -- Luraline National Lighting Contest

This is a project that I did for my lighting class. My professor created the assignment to mirror the requirements of an annual national lighting competition held by Luraline Lighting Co., a lighting manufacturer located in Florida. We were to make a light fixture for a commercial application, and had to wire the fixture with the appropriate lamp source. I chose to design a table that houses a ballast and two 3' fluorescent tubes. I built the table, and then cut small glass tiles and glued them along with some larger pieces of cut glass to a large 2' X 4' piece of glass. After the mosaics were set, I then grouted the table top with a black sand grout mixture. After turning this project in for class, I then entered my design into the Luraline competition, and received honors as a runner up.

table light


Lauren Kauffman