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These are some sketches that I did of a very interesting space at my Mt. Vernon campus. These sketches are of Hand Chapel. The front of the building faces the campus, but the back slopes into a very beautiful wooded area. The ceiling is made of glass planes intersecting at 90-degree angles. When you are within the space you really get a feeling of being close to nature. The building and its glazing push the viewer to absorb the natural elements surrounding the site. This being a chapel, the creek and foliage create a calming peacefulness. The exterior of the building really accentuates the building's interior characteristics. The building is composed of different planes, angles and different geometric shapes. It keeps elements hidden from site, creating a sense of mystery. Every time you move, the building changes with you. The building has a lot of symmetry, which helps the viewer from being overwhelmed by the space, and keeps distractions at a minimum.

Interior View of Pews, Organ and Balcony


Lauren Kauffman