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The inspiration for this project came from designs of the famous architectural firm Pugh + Scarpa. Although they don't have a distinct style, Gwynne Pugh and Lawrence Scarpa most definitely have many beliefs and philosophies which govern their designs.

They are extremely concerned with the preservation of the environment. Scarpa was one of the very first architects to make a push for green design. He along with fellow designers founded a nonprofit organization committed to building affordable green housing in urban areas. The duo has proven that going green does not have to mean an increase in cost and a decrease in aesthetics.

Pugh + Scarpa believe it crucial to get in depth knowledge and understanding of their clients. That is just as vital as understanding behavior patterns, and functionality. It is impossible to simply sum up the designs of Pugh + Scarpa, stylistically speaking. It can be said that the team approaches every problem differently. They analyze the needs of the space to form a solution.

Pugh + Scarpa

Before creating a space plan, I did research on officeculture. Offices of today are more often opting for open space floor plans. This choice can offer a more flexible work environment, cheaper costs, and the opportunity for employees to work together and collaborate. However, these benefits can be completely overshadowed by the flaws that a poorly designed open office can have. In designing this office, I was determined to shape the office environment through design.


Lauren Kauffman