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This project was created for my commercial studio class. We were given a plan of the building's shell, and were to design the interior as a gallery space to display one body of work. The project requirements included: designing the interior to be ANSI compliant, calculation the occupancy load, meeting building regulations. I created a set of construction documents for this space, and designed the reception desk and signage.

A Brief History
Graffiti history started appearing in the 1930's with hobos leaving their signatures on freight trains. In the 1960's graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and by gangs to mark their territory.

Graffiti has evolved into a legitimate art form; however, because of its illegal nature, graffiti is often limited in its local to dangerous urban areas. The aim of this gallery is to give graffiti the exposure it deserves.


image of spray can
Lauren Kauffman