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My name is Lauren Kauffman. I graduated as an interior design major (FIDER accredited) from The George Washington University in May '04. I grew up in the Philadelphia area and am looking for employment.

I started out as a psychology major, with my main focus in industrial organizational psychology (IO) and a minor in fine arts. In my IO classes we studied how the built environment affects and influences all of our behaviors. I was extremely fascinated by this, and really wanted to study more about interiors and their influence on people. Several years ago The George Washington University purchased Mt. Vernon College, and with it, its FIDER accredited interior design program. I learned more about the program, and decided it was definitely for me. I am so excited and enthusiastic about this field.

I am not just looking for a job, I want to continue my career in this dynamic industry. I have very strong foundation skills in the Adobe products, Auto-CAD, color-rendering, hand drafting and drawing. I have a good comprehension of building codes, green design, the principles of design, and the design process. Through my past employment, I have learned to integrate these skills throughout all project phases. Currently I am studying to take the LEED NC exam. I am an extremely creative and energetic person. I have a very strong work ethic and I am sure that I will do a great job wherever I end up working. I want to learn and build upon my education and experience, and at the same time prove to be a valuable asset to my prospective employer. I am looking for a firm that will challenge me to grow and nurture my passion for interior design. Thank you for taking the time to browse my portfolio and review my resume.

I would be very grateful for the opportunity to meet with you in person.





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Lauren Kauffman